Each month new Featherlight Studio Artists are featured but,
this month was so good, we just had to feature two!
This month its the new album by Vanderwalls
This is a must hear from the "Grandchildren of Grunge"
Their first Album landed them in the Sony Playstation Universe on the AAA game 'Days Gone", a killer, quirky throwback to the 90's that created some serious buzz! And their latest album 'Life Like Liar' has garnered huge critical acclaim.

And you must check out Shaene Marie Pascal's new album 'To Make New Friends'
This is a beautiful debut from an amazing talented Northwest Singer Songwriter that you absolutely must hear.


Kaden Fraker
1rst March 2024 @ Google
Steve has been so helpful for me and my projects! I can tell he really cares about my progress and is in the industry because he loves the art and the community. The very first time I called he spent over half an hour listening to my audio goals and built a plan with me to achieve them. Since then, it has been tons of fun working with him. Great service.

Levi Castle
29th Jan 2024 @Google
Absolutely a class act operation - knowledgable, kind, punctual and fast results. I am very happy to say I left educated, and feeling like my time and money were VERY well spent.Thank you for the space, courtesy and above all - your professionalism!

Dalen Hargett
15th Dec 2023 @Google
The professionalism and quality at featherlight studio is unmatched in all of Central Oregon. No matter what your sound production needs are, look no further than Featherlight studio. I’ve worked with Featherlight, and their trusted session players, and look forward to continue to do so.

Shaene Smith-Jackson
2nd May 2023 @Google
Steven is super intentional, professional and experienced. He does an excellent job of creating a welcoming and creative atmosphere in the studio. I can't recommend him enough!

Michael Colontonio
18th March 2022 @Google
We returned to Featherlight Studios to record our sophomore album. Steve is an artist through and through and his knowledge of sound production is top notch. He understands and respects an artists vision and has the skill set to help discover and capture that language. Vanderwalls new album War of the Year is a labor of love and a testament to that.

Bruce Klouda
4th March 2021 @Google
I’ve been in the music industry for around 50 yrs including performing, manufacturing & management. When it comes to studio use, it’s very rare that you get all the elements necessary to achieve the highest level of quality of your finished product which include tech savvy along with musical ability and composition know how.  Steve Hartwell of Featherlight Studios not only has those elements, he knows how to piece them together in a way that is both personal and professional.  No matter where you stand in the music experience arena, look no farther than Steve and Featherlight Studios.  You will not be disappointed!

Robin Kiefer
2nd March 2021 @Google
Steve at Featherlight commands the art and science of recording and producing music. I'd recommend him for any recording project / genre of music. And he's a great guy.

Sandie Nowell
23rd Feb 2020 @Google
My experience with Featherlight Recording Studio was outstanding. Steve is such a joy to work with. When I arrived he had everything ready for me, and was s accommodating and helpful. I was doing some voice recordings for my nephews’ company and they were delighted with the quality.

Jess Ryan
28th Aug 2019 @Google

Of all the studios in central Oregon, we chose to record our very first album at Featherlight Studio. It was a huge decision. I think I will be forever grateful and happy with that decision. It was an honor to work with Steven Hartwell. He is an expert at what he does. He has a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience in recording, mixing, and mastering music. I learned so much from him. I felt confident throughout the entire process because I knew I could trust him. Steven takes his art very seriously. He takes pride in what he does, and knows what he is doing. He is reliable, with a work ethic that is quite commendable. He is also super thorough and has a crazy eye and ear for detail. I really can't say enough about Steven Hartwell or about my experience at Featherlight Studio. I just recorded my very first album there. That is a HUGE deal for someone who's been dreaming about it since birth. I am pleased with the experience and proud of the results. I highly recommend working with Steven Hartwell at Featherlight Recording Studio.

Jessica Bennett
24th Dec 2018 @Google

20th Aug 2018 @Google
Simply amazing! Steve's talent was invaluable throughout every process of recording. He is a master of his craft.

Michael Colontonio
25th Sep 2018 @Google
Absolutely awesome and the proof is in the pudding. Checkout Vanderwalls full length album on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Lynn Heffernan
20th Mar 2018 @Google
We are not professional musicians or vocalists, but Steven made us feel like we are! What a great experience! The quality of the recording, and the final product is outstanding. Though it is a high-end, professional recording studio, it has a comfortable, laidback atmosphere. All nerves were set aside and we had a great time. Featherlight Studio is highly recommended.

17th Feb 2018 @Google
I have worked with several studios over the years and Featherlight is by far the best experience and result! Steve and his team were easy to work with, very professional and the end product was exactly as I wanted. The project stayed on schedule and came in exactly in the budget quoted. I highly recommend these guys for any project or consultation you need!

Pam Jahn
12th Feb 2016 @Google
I love recording at Featherlight Studio!! Creative and incredibly talented, every project has their magic touch. They are absolutely the best.

David Miller
10th April 2018 @Google
I play guitar in the hard rock band Kleverkill. We are currently working on our second project at Featherlight Studios. The whole vibe of the studio and Steven Hartwell welcomes creativity. Steven knows his gear, listens to the artist and works to help us get what we hear in our heads on to the recording. After our first experience at Featherlight we didn't even consider going anywhere else for our current project.

Carl Ventis
10th Aug 2017 @Google
Featherlight Studio is in a word Incredible, not only a beautiful recording studio but it’s owner Steve Hartwell Is a joy to work with his knowledge and creativity are really a huge plus especially when it comes to the full package, being inventive and creative when I’m stuck on idea Steve always come thru with something I would never even think of. When it comes to mixing and mastering your tracks he knows what he’s doing and my mixes are right on target every time. His know how and talent weather I need backing vocals or a groovin Keyboard part has pulled my songs through more times then I can count. Do yourself a huge favor go give Steve and Featherlight Studios your business, you will be glad you did, I guarantee it .