Today we are testing out the MOANO USB Microphone kit from Amazon. This is the most inexpensive complete kit we could find just to see how much actual performance you can expect from a complete microphone package under 50 dollars. The kit includes a surprising amount of accessories for the price and the clamp and boom arm alone would probably cost you as much. The complete package can be found here:

The outfit is advertised and clearly intended for computer audio and for podcasting and comes in a fairly sturdy retail box. Unfortunately, this also clearly shows what's inside the box so, if you have nosey neighbors or worse, you may want to keep track of the shipment times and dates of delivery.

The most impressive thing about the outfit is actually the included set of accessories. The boom arm, the wind sceen, Mic shock mount, clamp, clips, and cable are really worth the cost of the outfit even without the microphone. To be fair, these are budget accessories and wont stand up tp a great deal of wear and tear but, if your strting from scratch, all of these will help get you on your way for very little money up front.

The boom arm is fairly adjustable and work well for positioning the Mic.The total amount of weight with the mic and mount can sometime be a bit much for the arm if extended too far verticaly and will slip some but not for most positions you are likely to need.

The microphone is not going to compete with studio standards like the Shure SM7b or even the the HyperX SoloCast but then, there is a huge difference in price here as well with the Shure costing 15 times as much. The MOANO USB Mic has a fairly limited frequency response with a sharp low end drop off that starts around 150hz. This gives the mic a fairly small sound as it is lacking in the bottom end when compared to better microphones.

However, this is fairly easy to correct by simply adding some low end EQ to the signal. For streaming and for recording, this could easily be added in but where this might be a problem is using this as a gaming vocal mic. Few gaming systems offer much control over the actual "in game" sound of the microphone and thats where the lacking low end might be a problem. For most other applications that allow equalization to be added to the signal ( podcasting, recording, streaming ) the missing low end could be easily fixed.

That being said, the mic still dosnt have the presense or midrange clarity that a high quality microphone has, but then, it does'nt have that price tag either. For someone just getting started with a limited budget to work with and has no exisitng accessories, this would tick a lot of those initial first step boxes.

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