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Today were are building a cinema rig for the Nikon Z Series cameras that has the ability to power the camera, as well as all the accessories all day, if necessary. This rig is broken down into six basic components that are readily available and easy to assemble.

This build is the result of a year and a half of testing different parts and components to see which work dependably and together, as well as stable in the field. The rig is built around standard 12" 15mm rails that accommodate most camera accessories.

  1. Matte Box: https://amzn.to/3paDh5X
    This FOTGA DP3000 Swing Away Matte box (M3) is universally designed to accommodate all DSLR's and camcorders and it compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system. The matte box gives provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with its foldable french flags and adjustable side wings. It features precision engineered Swing-Away mechanism for quick lens changes. It also provides a means of using filters and one of the 180 degrees rotating filter trays.

  2. Monitor Handle Assembly ( 2 Parts )
    NICEYRIG NATO Handle with Quick Release Safety Rail:
    The NATO Handle is designed for quick release attaching and detaching on the camera. Simply slide onto NATO rail and tighten down the wingnut screw. This handle includes a short 15mm rail to attach other accessories as well. The NATO rail simply attaches to the top of the camera cage to allow the handle to easily slide on and off.
    SmallRig Field Monitor Mount: https://amzn.to/3rkN0Jy
    SMALLRIG Monitor Mount 2346 is designed to hold your monitor onto the top of the camera or other mounting systems via a cold shoe adapter, which achieves lightweight design without any accessories. It can be tightened by hands via the thumbscrew.

  3. Audio System: https://amzn.to/3d2CuOJ
    The Wireless GO’s quick clip-on capabilities make it perfect for journalists and vloggers in the field. The Wireless Go is extremely simply to use and snall enough to place anywhere. Combo clip-on microphone or beltpack transmitter for lavalier/headset mic/ built-in omnidirectional condenser mic for broadcast-quality sound. Audio delivers crystal clear audio under any conditions/ up to 70M range but optimized for shorter-range operation.

  4. Power Delivery System ( 2 Parts )
    Supfoto V Mount Battery Plate Power Supply:
    he V lock battery plate features a 15 VDC D-Tap output, an 8 VDC barrel output, a 12 VDC barrel outputs, a 5 VDC barrel outputs, a D-Tap output and two USB port. A power switch is provided on the side to turn everything on or off. Of all the power plates we tried, this one had the most features for our Nikon Cinema Build but has some issues. Check the YouTube video out for a step by step on how to solve them.
    REYTRIC 154Wh(10400mAh) V Mount/V-Lock Battery: https://amzn.to/3d01pT5
    High Capacity: 10400mAh/ 154Wh Voltage: 14.8V Battery Type: Polymer Li-ion; Providing 1.5 times life time of original battery. This battery was the most stable of all the V Mounts we tried and sits very tight on the Power Plate with NO movment whatsoever in the mount, even upside down, the battery mount is secure.

  5. Nikon Camera Cage: https://amzn.to/3CYBQwo
    This formfitting camera cage is made for Nikon Z5/Z6/Z7/Z6II/Z7II. And compatible with the HDMI & USB clamp, ID 2927 to protect the HDMI & USB cable head. The only thing we added to the cage was a Mini to Full size HDMI adapter cable that we zip tied to the side of the cage to make cable connections MUCH easier and to reduce strain on the Mini HDMI camera connection port that is a little fragile: https://amzn.to/3D1pH9T

  6. Camera Rail Mount Assembly ( 3 Parts )
    CAMVATE Quick Release Mount Base QR Plate: https://amzn.to/3o3Vnan
    Mounting Plate with 15mm Rod Clamp 1775 is an aluminum plate with 15mm rod clamp for camera mounting, which supplies protective and stable mounting options to camera devices. It also insures that the camera height lines up perfectly with the Matte Box. This makes switching lenses out MUCH easier as the allignment is exactly in the center of the lens.
    CAMVATE Quick Release Base Plate: https://amzn.to/3xBNL2f
    The product is composed of a clamp base and a ARCA SWISS quick release plate and is simply an additional quick release plate that allows us to go back and forth from the tripod mount to a hand held mount easily and quickly.
    SMALLRIG 15mm Rails (12"): https://amzn.to/3xACrmH
    The aluminium alloy has M12 thread on each end of the rod, so that you can extend the rod with a M12 threaded rod. These are the base of our Cinema Rig Build and the 12" length allow us extra room to move the power plate back and forth if needed.

Thats all six components to our Nikon Z Series Cinema Rig. Check out our YouTube video for more info on this build and specifically, how to resolve some issues with the Matte Box that turn it into a fully functional top flag!
The links provided are Amazon affiliate links that may provide a very small percentage back to us at no additional cost to you if used.
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