In this episode, we learn how to prepare our mix inside of Cubase for the Mastering process and export our final mix using the Cubase Audio Export tool.

Using audio export allows us to do a variety of different things all at the same time and have all those different tasks be completely automated. This is a powerful feature that saves a huge amount of time, especially when exporting time consuming things like Groups, Busses, and Stems. Simply set your left and right markers for the region you want to export, choose all your settings, add the job to the Cue and hit start and then go make a cup of coffee!

The audio export tool ( found under File/Export/Audio Mixdown/ ) is a powerful tool that can mix several types of functions into one large operation. It can be run in one of two different modes, Single Mode or Multiple Mode.

In Single Mode, you navigate over to the left hand side of the Audio Export Menu and check one of the boxes next to the single track or stereo output bus that you want to export. Then navigate down the Job/Cue box at the bottom of the dialog box and click on the 'Add To Cue' button to add that particular job to the Export Cue List. You can add as many jobs to the cue as you like and each job can have a completely different set of parameters or tasks.

In Multiple Mode, you can select many different individual tracks or busses for each job. For example, you could export just the Stems from a project to deliver to another mix enginere or, just the Effects Returns, ect. Each job added to the Cue can have it's own unique Export conditions and export ranges, defined by the range and location arrows at the top of the project timeline in the Project View.In one set of conditions/Job, you could export just the individua
l tracks of the project to be mixed elsewhere and those could all be .wav files. In another set of conditions/Job, you could export just an .mp3 to use as a guide track for additional tracks to be recorded eslwhere and returned to your project. In another set of conditions/Job, you could export several different tracks to be mastered with their own unique set of sample rates and Bit Depths.

All of these unique and individual jobs can be added to the Job Cue and when you have completed adding all the Jobs, you simply hit the start button. This will mixdown each individual Job to the custom path you have defined with the custom naming convention you have defined.

The Audio Export Tool in Cubase is a flexible and powerful tool that can save you hundreds of hours of time mixing down each type of job for all your different audio requirements.

This is part of a complete audio production course using Steinberg's Cubase audio production software. If you have missed any of the previous episodes, you can find the entire course here: