Above and Beyond

A HUGE shout out Erik Has-Ellison over at Breedlove guitars for providing a truly awesome, above and beyond moment!

Our acoustic session guitar at the studio was in dire need of some help with the action and we had sessions coming up the next day! It was 25 mins to closing and having ran a music store in the past, I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ but I was desperate.

I was on that side of town so I pulled in and read the ‘ by appointment only’ sign on the front door. I started back to my car bummed when I hear this voice from behind asking if I needed help? It was Erik ( operations manager for Breedlove / Weber / Bedell ) and I explained the sitch fully expecting to schedule an appointment. He asks if I have the guitar with me and I’m like…yes, yes I do in fact.

He checks it out and asks if I can kill a little time and come back in a few? I said absolutely and thank him profusely. When I return Erika (also awesome) brings the guitar out (after they’ve closed up ) and says that Erik was able to fix it up and it plays great. I leave SUPER stoked!

I get back to the studio and find he not only adjusted the truss rod that had been previously maxed but also sanded down the saddle to give me much more headroom for future adjustments BUT…even restrung it with new strings!!!!

Now it plays like a dream and shines like new penny! Beyond grateful for the incredible kindness from the good folks at Breedlove Guitars / Two Old Hippies guitars!!

Check out this guitar at this affiliate link:https://amzn.to/3xvL427

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